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Lean Manufacturing

As manufacturing companies worldwide aggressively focus on eliminating all forms of waste from their entire value streams, MRI is ready with the experienced resources to assist in deployment of Lean systems.

Drawing from our extensive knowledge and experience, MRI's staff helps our clients gain an in-depth understanding of the value streams for their products. By identifying all types of waste and non-value-added activities, MRI develops strategies to assure the uninterrupted flow of products, helping our clients improve operating performance with a focus on safety, quality, delivery and cost.

Steps toward the successful deployment of a Lean environment include:

  • Assessing the "current state" using value-stream mapping and other techniques
  • Identifying and documenting the gaps between the "current state" and the optimal "future state"
  • Establishing action plans to reach the targeted "future state" condition
  • Executing the action plans
  • Repeating the improvement cycle to achieve the next level of performance
  • Training, developing, and involving all stakeholders throughout the process

MRI's key industry partner in Lean deployment engagements is Humantech (Ann Arbor, MI), a top-flight firm of professional ergonomists and lean practitioners.  MRI and Humantech have collaborated to achieve breakthrough results for our clients, recognized industry leaders in the Automotive, Heavy Equipment, HVAC, Household Products, and Pharmaceutical industries.