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New Product Introduction

Today's competitive markets demand innovation and speed. When the market takes off for a company's new product, will the manufacturing organization and supply chain be ready to execute, and will the production and logistics costs meet the target?

For more than 20 years, MRI's team has helped clients in the automotive, energy, consumer products, and defense industries move from early prototypes to high-volume production. By working with our clients during the product design and development phase, we develop "should cost" assessments based on a clearly-defined and optimized manufacturing strategy.

In developing the manufacturing process details, we start from component drawings and even sketches of R&D prototypes. We create cost models based on our recommended process plans and routings, and we continually feed back to the engineering and management team important design recommendations to ensure quality, improve producibility, and reduce total cost.

MRI's deliverables include (but are not limited to):
    • Operational analyses
    • Producibility studies
    • Process development
    • Risk assessment
    • Capacity analyses of both client and supply chain companies
    • Capital planning
    • Staffing recommendations
    • Plant layouts designing; and 
    • Product launch support.
    • Quality functional deployment
    • Procurement, supply chain, and logistics recommendations