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QRQC and Six Sigma

Six Sigma  to achieve near perfection (3.2 defects per million opportunities).

QRQC to achieve perfection (no defect is acceptable)

MRI has a unique on the shopfloor (genba) training and coaching approach for both Six Sigma and QRQC implementations.  Both are culture changers.

Steps toward the successful deployment of a Six Sigma and QRQC include:

  • Assessing the "current state" using value-stream mapping and other techniques
  • Identifying and documenting the gaps between the "current state" and the optimal "future state"
  • Establishing action plans to reach the targeted "future state" condition
  • Executing the action plans
  • Repeating the improvement cycle to achieve the next level of performance
  • Training, developing, and involving all stakeholders throughout the process

MRI's provides value during the engagement, leaves the client well engaged in a cultural shift, and with measurable sustainable results as early as the last session of the training/coaching program