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MRI Engineered Equipment

Manufacturing process optimization often requires custom equipment and tooling. When that is necessary MRI designs and builds new equipment and tooling to meet our clients' specific needs.  Our experienced engineers and project managers have developed dozens of custom machines that are now deployed by our clients in many different industries.  The repeat business that MRI has enjoyed with many of our clients is testimony to the high value that we have delivered since 1989. From concept to integration to operation and service, we always aim to deliver the best possible custom equipment solutions to satisfy our clients' needs.

Because we develop our custom equipment solutions with our customers' broader needs in mind, we ensure that our equipment:
  • Streamlines the overall manufacturing process, eliminating non-value activity
  • Interacts efficiently with upstream and downstream processes; 
  • Provides a level of automation that is suited to the client's objectives, and their budget;
  • Ensures consistency in process execution;
  • Connects to our clients' information systems, as required based on the specific project needs

Engineering successful, long-lasting equipment solutions is our top priority. That's why MRI utilizes off-the-shelf, commercially available components as major building blocks within our designs wherever practical.  This proven design strategy provide benefits to our clients in terms of initial design and development cost, and also in reliability and service costs throughout the life of the equipment.

End-users of MRI's custom-engineered equipment are clients from a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Defense, Lighting, Appliances, Energy, Musical Instruments, Household Products, HVAC, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals.

Members of MRI's talented custom equipment engineering team are in demand as process consultants on advanced-technology machine development projects for the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and NIST.