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Concept Development

At MRI, developing custom equipment concepts starts with gaining a detailed understanding of our clients' products, processes, production rate requirements, and other key performance objectives.  Starting with this input, MRI's highly creative and experienced engineering team develops and validates our custom equipment concepts in a collaborative manner, working closely with our clients.

MRI's deliverable at the concept level is a proposal that is based on our recommended technical approach. The proposal includes a high level description of the equipment operation, initial layout sketches/drawings, major attributes of the control system to be employed, identification of major commercial components, and a budgetary cost estimate for designing and integrating the equipment. 

One of MRI's major strengths is the diversity of our Engineered Equipment client base, and the very wide variety of products and custom equipment solutions that we have been associated with and delivered.  Time after time, our clients benefit from MRI's breadth of experience, and the results show in our Engineered Equipment concepts.