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MRI Management Services

Since 1989, Manufacturing Resources has been working with clients to deliver world class solutions and strategies to help organizations more effectively meet manufacturing needs. MRI has a proven track record in bringing new products to market, modernizing existing factories, designing and launching new factories, supporting client acquisition initiatives with due diligence and post merger/acquisition operations support, establishing effective processes for concurrent engineering, and solving manufacturing problems.

At MRI, every successful initiative starts with a well-defined strategy and clear objectives. By combining the shared knowledge and input of all members of the MRI/client team, we bring about the best possible solutions that meet our client's requirements.

Not only can we advise our clients on the nuts and bolts of their manufacturing plants, but our sensitivity to business concerns allows us to recommend business strategies as well. Our experience working directly with top-level executives of client companies, coupled with our staff's extensive experiences in a variety of organizations, allows us to bring a comprehensive management perspective to our clients.