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Mergers and Acquisitions

In today's dynamic global economy, mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in the Manufacturing sector. The laborious task of evaluating potential acquisition targets must be done correctly and thoroughly, and the post-acquisition challenges of combining the business processes and cultures of two organizations can wipe out the intended strategic benefits of the investment.

MRI helps investment groups and companies going through mergers and acquisitions through our acquisition evaluation support and interim management services. 

During the pre-acquisition stage, MRI's experienced subject matter experts conduct comprehensive due diligence assessments from the shop floor to the supply chain to the management level of target companies.  MRI's analysis confirms the operational synergies and the key challenges and risks related to successfully integrating the combined enterprise.  Our assessment is a key input to assessing the P&L impact of key operating assumptions, finalizing the acquisition price and the terms of agreement, mitigating risk, and creating successful integration plans.

Post-acquisition, MRI supports our clients by mapping out improvement strategies and detailed action plans to ensure successful integration of merged and acquired companies.