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MRI is proud to be a close working partner of Humantech and International TechneGroup (ITI), world-leading firms in the areas of Ergonomics and Product Design. Several client companies have experienced dramatic gains in workplace ergonomics, productivity, total product cost, and time-to-market for new products by leveraging the capabilities of MRI and these key corporate partners.

Humantech Logo

Humantech, Inc
Humantech, Inc. is a full-service human performance consulting firm specializing in occupational ergonomics. Founded in 1979, Humantech is North America's largest consulting team of Board Certified Professional Ergonomists specializing in Human Performance Ergonomics™. For more information, visit 

ITI Logo
International TechneGroup Incorporated

International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) is a provider of enabling technologies for Concurrent Product/Manufacturing Process Development (CP/PD). Founded in 1983, ITI has developed a computer-integrated methodology for CP/PD that identifies and quantifies market opportunities and helps businesses arrive at optimal decisions for product and process development. To learn more about ITI, visit